A child of 3 yrs. age is admitted to Nsy. And 4 yrs. old to L.K.G. and so on . Admission to 1 st class and above is subject to clearing a written test and to availability of seats. There is no test for admission to Kindergarten classes. The following documents are required for admission:

Photo Copy of Date of Birth certificate duly attested.

School leaving certificate.

Report card of class passed.

Two latest passport size photographs of the student.

Latest photograph of family of the student.

Photocopy of addhar card of parents.

Blood group report of student.


  • The CBSE course curriculum is observed through out. English and Punjabi are taught fro Nsy. Onwards . Hindi is taught from III std. onwards as per the three language formula laid down by the board.

    The NCERT books have been prescribed for all Secondary and Senior Secondary classes. Equal stress is laid on the theory and practical education. Remedial therapy classes for those who need extra guidance are conducted in the school.


    LKG & UKG : English, Maths, Punjabi, EVS(Oral),Rhymes(Oral),Drawing & Colouring ,Music, Conversation, Divinity ,Indoor and Outdoor games.

    Primary : English, Punjabi, Hindi (III onwards), Maths, EVS (upto III), Sci & S.S. (IV onwards), G.K., Computer, Music, Art-craft ,Physical Edu., Divinity.

    Middle : English, Punjabi, Hindi, Maths, Sci., S.S., Art, Physical Edu., Divinity, Computer Work experience (Music, Band, Gatka, Craft).

    Secondary : English, Punjabi, Maths, G.Sci., S.S., Hindi, Physical Edu., Computer Work experience (Music, Band, Gatka, Craft), Horse Riding.

    Senior Secondary : English, Punjabi, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics, Informatics Practices, Geography, Physical Education, Economics, Business Studies, Accountancy, Political Science, Music, Painting, Entrepreneurship, Psychology, Vocational subjects - office procedure, Typography and computer applications, Financial Marketing.


The cell aims at exploring the aptitude of the students which help them to explore their career options. Students are groomed up to join industry not only for employablity but also inspired to shape the destiny of the nation with work ethics & professionalism ... More



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